We Care About Your Success

Having 5 years of experience in the CRM development industry, our team knows that your success relies on a bit more than just our products. Our team will provide you with services and support on every stage of the project.

To  start our job, firstly, we get to look at how you run your company and make sure we meet your requirements upon the delivery of the project. No matter what kind of business you have, we will do our best to find the way to integrate with your current processes.

You grow your business and we make sure you get the rest – needed training, customer service and support.

Implementation and Integration


Deciding to go with a customer management software solution is the first step, however, software is only as good as the implementation into your unique business processes. Our knowledgeable team has the expertise you need for a successful CRM implementation that will solve your problems rather than create new ones.

Our Solution Implementation is much more than uploading the software and turning it “on”. It will change the way your employees manage and do their day-to-day tasks. And, since many people are initially resistant to change, we will share best practices and set out an implementation plan to head off naysayers at the pass. We will arm you with the information necessary for a successful implementation that will support product adoption throughout your organization.



SugarCRM is a fully-managed and supported Customer Relationship Management system, tailored specifically for sales organizations. Affordable, simple to use, and easy to manage, SugarCRM is a powerful tool for full sales force automation — proving visibility to track team progress, supporting individual sales reps, enabling real-time forecasting, and freeing IT from system support.

Having chosen SugarCRM as your customer relatonship managament system, you need to have it installed at your own server, or with a webhosting provider, or choose ‘on-demand’ option with SugarCRM Inc, in case you are opting for Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise.

Customer Support


Our team of experts draws from years of experience understanding the ins and outs of many types of business systems, and works with you and your team to develop an implementation strategy that works for everyone.

You can rely on our team, as we have great experience in managing large and technically complex projects. We work on all project stages, starting with pre-sales and business analysis, project management, development of integration with other systems and further maintenance upon request.

Consulting and Training


We are always willing to go an extra mile to analyze our customers’ needs and as well as their clients’ needs. For each Project we define the best possible approach for the implementation and product adoption, usually this involves business analysis phase and business process modeling and optimization per changes to be brought by solution implementation.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to: SugarCRM Consulting, Business Analysis, Business Process Modeling (We use BPMN), Solution Analysis, Security Analysis, Performance Analysis and Trainings.

Our experienced staff will help your team create a customized CRM training program to quickly get staff members up to speed while gaining immediate value for higher-ups.