Jobs and Candidates Management

CRM-Recruitment is powerful and intuitive management tool that allows you to keep everything you need to hire in one place and track of the updates in the system using history subpanels.


Using CRM-Recruitment plug-in for SugarCRM is the easiest & smartest way to create jobs, link them to candidates profiles or, said differently, create applications, employment records. You’ll love how our software  automatically uploads CVS and parses them, allows to preview resumes, visualize the data using reports and much more.

Candidates module is a pool of CVs and related information, such as Emails, Tasks, Meetings, Contacts and Notes, so you will never lose a resume and won’t have to search for them in folders or web-based storages.

Add interviews, tasks, notes, emails and files and make sure nothing is left out.

Jobs module serves as a database of all job openings you might have, so you can finally say goodbye to all those spreadsheets, notebooks and piles of papers from the clients.

Applications module is a link between all the jobs and candidates. It shows information regarding the details of the hiring process: accounts, responsible employees, allows to see which applicant applied for a certain position, as well as to find out the status of the specific application.

Employment module reveals current positions of the applicants and all the relevant information, e.g. Start Date, End Date, Salary, Account, etc. Currently hired applicants are highlighted by default for a recruiter to know which applicants are available at the moment and can be contacted in order to close particular job opening.