Intelligent Search

An easy and quick alternative way to search for applicants and create applications directly from a report. Filter & group candidates up to your criteria, visualize the data using report and finally create applications from the report right away.

The feature allows to link a certain job opening to particular candidates or, vice versa, create candidate applications for particular jobs directly from the report while all the information is presented visually in suitable and easy to grasp way.


Watch our video on Intelligent Search and how to create target lists right from the report

In order to create an applicant from a report, click on the Reports section and choose any appropriate report you would like to handle. Once the relevant report is opened, click on More Actions arrow next to the Run report button and choose Create Applications from the dropdown list.

The system will then offer to search and select corresponding applicants or jobs, depending on the type of the report one is working with.

When the user is done with filtering and selecting, the service will automatically create applications, which can be found immediately in the Applications section.