Filter Search

With CRM-Recruitment you can use Filter Search option to find candidates according to their First & Last Names, Skills, Cities, Salaries or the Dates when their profiles have been created. What’s even more, the search settings can be saved to perform the same search every now and then, thus saving time for future references.


Watch our video on how to perform filter search

In order to perform a filter search, you need to follow this simple instructions:
1. Choose Candidates Module,
2. Click on the Filter button and
3. Select Create from the drop-down list  
3. Just click on Select button under the Filter field ( as it is already open by default) and
4. Choose the necessary filter, e.g. City, Skill Filter, or Fist name, Last name, Created by, My Items, My Favorites, Do not call or By Resume.
The system allows to create as many filters as you like.
5. You can add a filter by clicking on the + button under the Filter field.