Sales And Marketing

Marketing Сampaigns

Ensure you are getting the most out of CRM-Recruitment and SugarCRM! Save contacts, follow up applicants as leads, send emails and include them into marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Easily generate email campaigns and keep track of them. Now you have the ability to create, manage and send emails to your customers straight from your SugarCRM.

Leads & Opportunities Generation

Manage your work with leads and opportunities in just a few clicks with CRM-Recruitment solution based on SugarCRM.

Customer Relations

Create and update contacts, leads or accounts with no additional effort using SugarCRM. Streamline your Sales process.


Provide exceptional service and support using CRM-Recruitment based on SugarCRM on everyday basis. Automate your workflows and make them more cost-effective.

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

CV Parsing

Zero in on tremendous time efficiency & feasibility: new era of recruitment is on the way! Upload any CV for parsing and enjoy seeing entire candidate’s data processed and all the details inserted into corresponding fields.

Jobs & Candidates Management

Create jobs, candidates profiles, applications, preview resumes and much more. This powerful management tool allows you to keep track of all the changes made within your recruitment activities using history subpanels.

Filter Search

Find the right candidate with our advanced keyword search and Boolean logic. Automatically match candidates and vacancies. Save your search settings for more time savings.

Candidates Matching

Perform one-click candidates matching, candidate profiles creation automatically from the emails in your Sugar. With our cutting-edge tool you will save your time significantly.

Intelligent Search

Take advantage of combining several actions simultaneously and enjoy a visually appealing way of creating applications.

Candidates Suggestion

See how CRM-Recruitment does your job for you and frees up your time. Boost your hiring process by having the system automatically search for relevant applicants.

Back Office

Invoice effortless

Avoid billing errors. Create and attach invoices and email them to your clients. Now it is easier than ever. Automate invoices creation procedure and get paid faster.


Build reports based on any data and save them in your Reports database. Send accurate reports to your customers, track payments and eliminate any errors in your operations.


Job Boards Integration

Integrate your CRM-Recruitment with any job board of your liking, premium or free, and let candidates apply through their profiles on job sites in a click.

Website Integration

Connect CRM-Recruitment and your website altogether with only a few clicks and enjoy the benefits of your newly created recruitment portal.


Create vivid and professional job ads and publish multiple jobs online through job boards and social networks. See how candidates search and apply for them with no additional efforts.


Business Intelligence

Workflow Customization

Adapt CRM-Recruitment to your specific needs, adjust every module, field or button with regard to your hiring processes. In no time create tasks, schedule interviews and telephone calls and assign them directly to any of your candidates, customers and contacts.


Benefit from using pipelines to track all the vacancies in your system. See what work has been done by your consultants – view their tasks, interviews and other entries. Create LDAP groups to manage accessibility of the information stored.