Key Advantages of CRM-Recruitment


World Leading CRM Platform

Based on SugarCRM.

SugarCRM empowers organizations to create exceptional client relationships with the most creative, adaptable and moderate CRM solution in the market. The company puts “i” in CRM and engages each client-concerned individual to create phenomenal customer relationships. SugarCRM is a few years in a row CRM leader is recognized by leading market analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator. We have chosen the best for you. Try applicant tracking system powered by SugarCRM!

Powerful Applicant Tracking System

Full Featured. Any Company Size.

Save time and increase productivity.

This allows you to find, attract and engage candidates you need in no time. Automates all your recruitment workflows, brings outstanding features to make your work easier and more effective.


Cutting-Edge Matching Candidate Engine

Filter fast. Reduce turnaround time.

We provide cutting-edge tool to match candidates from your database and open positions. Very powerful tool that saves up to 43% of recruiters’ time. It simplifies customer management and the recruitment process in Applicant Tracking System. Our customers love it. Watch a demo and see yourself.

Back Office Management

Manage Operations. Save Time.

Automate the process of invoicing and billings, keep track of the time spent, measure effectiveness. We cover all your needs in running operations of your recruitment business.
Send reports to customers, keep track of hiring expenses, calculate commissions, track payments. Eliminate errors in your operations.


Process Management

Control. Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Get complete control over your recruitment process and team performance. Understand, analyze and optimize your business. With us you can keep track of your recruiters’ everyday activities. Use pipeline to follow the progress on every job in the system.
Also we provide you with our security tool, so you could control access rights of your staff. Reach better communication and collaboration between recruitment team members and share tasks depending on the roles in the working process.

And So Much More


Process Design

You Work. We Fit.

Our solution is built to support your processes and allows to improve them when you are ready. Process configuration and automation becomes easier with us.

Business Performance

Powerful Real-Time Dashboards.

Get instant 360° overview of your recruitment system.
View revenue on placements, recruiters’ success rates, get instant access to real-time overview for each  vacancy, candidate, client, on every step of the hiring process.



Send nice reports upon surveys to your customers.

Use Questionnaires tool to automate evaluation process. Show candidates’ test results to customers when necessary.

Resume Parsing Engines

More than 10 resume parsing engines are available with CRM-Recruitment.

Rchilli | ParseIT | CVilizer

Upload a CV and enjoy the parsing and analyzing feature. All data is extracted and populated into a Candidate Record, no need to create employment history – it’s already there. Save up to 70% time on Resume processing.


Advanced Search

Make Lists. Arrange Skills and Search Smart.

Define any number of set of skills and candidate field values. Save searches you made. Save your time. Get future of Applicant Tracking Systems today!

Candidates and Customers Portals

WordPress and Drupal or any modern CMS.*

We provide you with two separate portals where you can manage your everyday activities.
With our online tool you can communicate with your customers, show progress and various reports and send invoices.
Candidates portal allows you to share your jobs, apply online, post resumes and submit applications, schedule interviews.

* Additional fees might apply


Truly Mobile

Manage your customer relationships from anywhere.

With Sugar and CRM-Recruitment, the progressive user experience is never bounded. We deliver our recruitment platform on any mobile device or tablet. Let yourself enjoy the advantages of CRM-Recruitment Mobile and start creating highly presentative mobile experience right from where you are.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose CRM-Recruitment

#1 The solution is SugarCRM-based.

SugarCRM helps organizations manage collaboration with their customers throughout any department. SugarCRM is full of features built to increase the success of marketing campaigns and significantly improve sales. As every business has different needs and goals, with SugarCRM it is possible to find various flexible solutions and CRM-Recruitment is now one of them.

#2 Made by Recruiters for Recruiters.

CRM-Recruitment team has developed top-notch recruiting process automation tool that is used by dozens of Recruitment agencies in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, EU countries and others.

Prior to the first public release of the CRM-Recruitment V 3.0, since 2010 we have been rebuilding our product working side-by-side with seasoned recruiting specialists. We have managed to build a solution with high user involvement to cover all needs our customers were facing during daily operations.

#3 Service. With us “S” stands for Service in SaaS.

We have developed flexible software for you. Now you can choose between Cloud and On-Premise deployment. Any version of SugarCRM is now supported.

CRM-Recruitment Team offers you first-class service.
For your convenience the solution will be automatically updated with new versions of SugarCRM and supported.

Any customizations for your business specifics and integration with sourcing partners are available.