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What is CRM-Recruitment?

CRM-Recruitment is a customized and tuned Applicant Tracking System based on SugarCRM. It is compatible with any version of SugarCRM and can run on top of SugarCRM 7.5 – Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, as well as free editions – SugarCRM Community or SuiteCRM.

The functionality includes both original Sugar modules and custom modules developed by our team together with highly experienced recruiting specialists.

CRM-Recruitment is aimed at providing a highly adjustable, low-cost software-as-a-service applicant tracking system, thus bringing the best solution to recruiters and managers, and easing their everyday life.

Outstanding Features

Increase sales and recruiter productivity, make efficient decisions,
and lead your recruitment process with the help of a simple and user-friendly interface.

Customer Management

Solution is built on top of SugarCRM. This system empowers organizations to create exceptional client relationships with the most creative, adaptable and moderate CRM solution in the market.

Applicant Tracking

This allows you to find, attract and engage candidates you need in no time. CRM-Recruitment automates all your recruitment workflows, brings outstanding features to make your work easier and more effective.

Back Office

Automate the process of invoicing and billings, keep track of the time spent, measure effectiveness. We cover all your needs in running operations of your recruitment business. Send reports to customers, keep track of hiring expenses and much more.

Find out how CRM-Recruitment works for your company

Any Size. At Every Stage.

For Recruiting Agencies

CRM-Recruitment integrates sales, recruiting and back office through a single, flexible platform and reporting engine, maximizing your ability to forecast revenue, increase margins, and ensure the best quality of placement.

Make Placements

For Companies

CRM-Recruitment is an ultimate applicant tracking system built on top of SugarCRM system which enables you to automate the hiring process, reduce costs per application, save significant amount of time and improve your staff productivity.

Hire Employees

Top 3 Reasons to Choose CRM-Recruitment

#1 The solution is SugarCRM-based.

SugarCRM helps organizations manage collaboration with their customers throughout any department. SugarCRM is full of features built to increase the success of marketing campaigns and significantly improve sales. As every business has different needs and goals, with SugarCRM it is possible to find various flexible solutions and CRM-Recruitment is now one of them.

#2 Made by Recruiters for Recruiters.

CRM-Recruitment team has developed top-notch solution for recruiting process automation that is used by dozens of Recruitment agencies and Executive Search Firms in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, EU countries and others.

Prior to the first public release of the CRM-Recruitment V 3.0, since 2010 we have been rebuilding our product working side-by-side with seasoned recruiting specialists. We have managed to build a solution with high user involvement to cover all needs our customers were facing during daily operations.

#3 Service. With us “S” stands for Service in SaaS.

We have developed flexible software for you. Now you can choose between Cloud and On-Premise deployment. Any version of SugarCRM is now supported.

CRM-Recruitment Team offers you first-class service.
For your convenience the solution will be automatically updated with new versions of SugarCRM and supported.

Any customizations for your business specifics and integration with sourcing partners are available.

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Our Customers

Some words about us

We have used different recruiting CRM’s in the past, and CRM-Recruitment offers a huge amount of customization, both in tagging candidates, and in building processes between teams. It is also one of the best ways to keep historical data on a candidate in easy-to-find format, and to teach and train new recruiters on. What’s more, the customer service is excellent.

Lisa Rek
President/Founder REK Ruiting Advisors

CRM-Recruitment solution has proven to be the right choice for us, as the solution has met our immediate needs and requirements at a price that we could afford. The 3 key time savers for our team are the web based access to our candidate information, automated upload of skills data from survey to CRM-Recruitment and custom searching across 200 + relevant candidate skills.

John C. (Jack) Garvey
Principal / Chief Executive Officer COMPLIANCE ARCHITECTS LLC

CRM-Recruitment guys provided us with great and user-friendly solution. They assessed our requirements and delivered a clear proposal based on time and effort. Once we had agreed to the project, we saw the company meet timelines and milestones.

Andrew Preston

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$240 per User
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